mantis is a company that takes a fresh look at how networks are secured, monitored, and analyzed.  We believe that networks are the most valuable asset worth protecting on any organizations’ balance sheet, period. However, we also believe that it should not cost more to secure and monitor your network than it did to originally build it! Our network visibility platform is software-driven and has been built on industry-standard hardware…allowing our users to implement robust, fault-tolerant security, monitoring, and analytic solutions at a fraction of the cost.

With mantis, users can:

generate granular, user-defined metadata for immediate ingest in to FAST DATA/streaming analytic pipelines

feed wire-speed production data in to existing security, monitoring, and analytic tools

groom traffic flows to ensure only relevant information is presented to each of your network tools

allow security, monitoring, and analytic devices to orchestrate physical network change via machine-to-machine (M2M) communication 


Mantis Products

access sensor | TAP

Mantis access sensors can be deployed into any network segment- copper, fiber, 1-100G. These sensors FEED the mantis  Network Visibility Fabric (NVF) with real-time network data, at wire-speed. Access sensors create a framework for analyzing DATA IN MOTION, with each sensor feeding more REAL-TIME data in to the NVF.

processing node | RFP (reconfigurable frame processor)

Processing nodes receive data from access sensors, and serve as a virtual distribution manifold for the data, directing traffic to monitoring tools and security devices efficiently and intelligently. These nodes PROCESS network packets, they aggregate, distribute, load-balance, and filter traffic to feed follow-on processors.

service node | PPE
(programmable packet engine)

Receiving data from processing nodes, or directly from access sensors, service nodes ingest raw packets from your network. These nodes then generate targeted, user-defined metadata to serve up to follow-on analytic processors. Service nodes also allow for service-chaining: bringing additional functionalities such as deduplication and time stamping to the mantis NVF.



Test Access Point
In-line or passive, managed or unmanaged, 1/10/40/100G


Reconfigurable Frame Processor
A programmable, flexible, software-defined packet broker.


Programmable Packet Engine
A programmable metadata generator and micro-services delivery engine.

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