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Leverage network metadata to efficiently monitor and manage 5G and IoT network traffic for real-time intelligence at the edge.

Viewers will learn:

  • How moving network intelligence to the edge of 5G networks can provide visibility sooner rather than later for operational and risk management decisions
  • Why incorporating real-time metadata analysis is critical to enhance traditional monitoring techniques (such as log and PCAP analysis)
  • The benefits of deploying container-based sensors, which enable visibility anywhere it is needed (from the core to the edge)
  • Why metadata is needed to manage the explosion of data that is coming with the deployment of 5G infrastructure
The 5G rollout promises to bring unique customer experiences on the backs of increased bandwidth and lower latencies. This will better enable use cases such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR experiences, digital entertainment experiences and the list goes one. However, is the carrier network or IoT Platform instrumented to better process this deluge of data at the edge for operational and risk management decisions?

This webinar will discuss our approach to instrumenting 5G networks and pushing network intelligence to the edge for efficient inspection and filtering of incoming traffic to feed analytic workflows and business decision processes. We’ll also present quantitative results on how leveraging metadata, compared to log or PCAP analysis, with MantisNet’s real-time sensor software can improve network and platform efficiency to keep up with the speed and scale that 5G traffic demands.