Leverage data-in-motion for a superior network monitoring experience

Harness network data for actionable network insights and real-time decisions

MantisNet network monitoring solutions take an innovative approach to feeding analytics solutions with real-time streaming meta-data that enables L2 - L7 analysis, at speeds up to 100G and beyond.

In addition to standard capabilities you expect in network monitoring solutions - shape traffic, optimize performance, discover network inventory assets, enable advanced telemetry - MantisNet's solutions can be deployed to manage these basics and provide NetOps and SecOps teams with more.

Network monitoring providing actionable insights for today's networks.

MantisNet offers the most advanced traffic processing, network programming and network visibility to harness data-in-motion and enable your network and security teams to identify and remediate malicious network traffic or under-performing infrastructure assets continuously and in real-time. Wire-speed outputs are delivered in standardized, ready-to-analyze formats (serialized metadata, JSON, IPFIX, NetFlow) that can be ingested into the leading analytics, threat monitoring, SIEM, IDS/IPS, NPM, AI and ML platforms in real-time to provide DevOps and cybersecurity professionals with the insights they need to make the right decisions in real-time.

Network monitoring key features:

Full line-rate performance functionality for: mid-span, edge or datacenter networks

  • Continuous monitoring / continuous survey
  • Packet replication / mirroring for monitoring, tool chaining and test
  • Traffic aggregation and symmetric, flow-aware traffic shaping / load balancing from high-speed links to multiple low-speed links
  • Line-rate L2 / L3 / L4 filtering on both regular traffic and inner/encapsulated traffic to clean up heavily over-encapsulated traffic
  • Line-rate filtering and network event detection on high-speed networks
  • Advanced instrumentation with transparent end-to-end monitoring across complex networks (INT & ONT)

Why are MantisNet network monitoring solutions different?

  • MantisNet SDN solutions are far more scalable and economical compared to purpose-built systems
  • Our SDN based architecture is programmable and flexible, producing higher resolution visibility and control of network traffic compared to legacy (IPFIX and NetFlow) or packet capture based systems.
  • MantisNet systems deliver superior throughput and bandwidth at network speeds ranging from sub-1Gb to 100Gb without the delays inherent in competing disk-based or packet capture systems
  • Our SDN based solutions are open, dynamic and interactive - designed to augment and complement existing and future analytics solutions with Yang-model driven (INT & ONT) management architecture enabling reliable dynamic control and monitoring. 

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