Remote and Programmatic Packet and Cloud Native Traffic Capture

The Containerized Visibility FabricSM (CVF) performs a variety of complex observability and processing functions, anywhere in the infrastructure. This cloud-native, composable solution goes beyond simply capturing network traffic to publishing new forms of enhanced metadata that enables far more detailed observability than has been previously possible. Additionally, CVF metadata and PCAP is published continuously and in real-time, supporting critical correlation, attribution and follow-on processing operations.
CVF- PCAP-packetcapture-gif
CVF agents generate granular metadata for observability at speed and scale- providing detailed monitoring of cloud-native, serverless, resources, topology, flow, encrypted session communications, and specific protocols. This information can be packaged in a PCAP format and directed to publish to cloud services (e.g. storage) or follow-on analytic systems. In addition to metadata, CVF agents also have the ability to capture network traffic anywhere they are deployed, regardless of namespace. Full traffic capture is a CVF plug-in that is extremely useful for forensic purposes, or for troubleshooting complex network issues.


Programmatic and Remote; On-demand

The key to CVF packet capture is that it is done programmatically - simply publish a directive to turn on packet capture, and instantly start capturing packets from any CVF sensor agent in the environment. The agent will capture all traffic- regardless of namespace - if the information is traversing physical links or moving between microservices. The capture function can easily be toggled on/off, and can be captured at a 1:1 rate, or via a configurable sampling ratio.
The CVF processing engines (sensor agents) are lightweight and fast. Deployed as a DaemonSet or container, they provide deep visibility into all the interfaces and functions at the machine level enabling the filtering and publication of specific traffic so as to be extremely efficient, scalable and performant.
The MantisNet CVF architecture is an innovative combination of network sensor agents, and cloud-native technologies that efficiently processes and produces all the information necessary for real-time monitoring needs:
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)
  • Continuous Discovery / Inventory
  • Security Assurance
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