Reconfigurable Frame Processor Next Gen

RFPXThe Reconfigurable Frame Processor - Next Generation (RFP-NG) is Advanced Open Network Switch Software (AONSS) with next-generation packet broker capabilities, courtesy of advancements in software and programmable ASIC/chips.

The RFP-NG provides network monitoring, intelligence and visibility solutions for infrastructure and network operations teams. It can monitoring complex traffic at 10G to 100G speeds and beyond. The RFP-NG is powered by P4 software applications running on a programmable software defined networking (SDN) platform. The RFP-NG provides organizations:

  • Software controlled connectivity, instrumentation, monitoring without the need to replace existing infrastructure
  • Capabilities for data-plane control, flow-aware load balancing, traffic shaping, filtering and match-action processing
  • Visibility into encapsulated or overly-layered packet streams
  • Telemetry via in-band (INT) and out-of-band (ONT) channels

The RFP-NG provides unparalleled high-speed connectivity and packet processing.

  • Flexible, optical interface allowing users to access, filter and monitor network traffic at 10/25/40/50/100G speeds
  • Programmable line-speed filters to reduce total data volume being sent to analytic tools
  • Intelligent load balancing ensures 100% visibility into fully flooded 100G links


    Advanced Functions:

    Identifying unknown packets, complex parsing, match-action, de-parsing of packets:

    • Identify packets that don't match existing header definitions and parse graph (e.g. packets that don't parse) and direct packets out to a follow-on system for reverse engineering and further characterization.
    • Unique header / network overlay stripping capabilities (multiple VLANs, 802.1aq, etc.).
    • Can hash and load balance based on innermost IP information in complex packet formats.

    Learn more about identifying unknown packets, complex parsing and more here.

    Software-based, extensible, architecture; dynamic addition of protocols for full programmability of the pipeline.

    Generate time-series data metrics for all applied ACLs (via ONT):

    • Ability to set ACLs (filters) and generate octets and packet stats.
    • Cloud native instrumentation via Prometheus and Grafana.

    Learn more about generating time-series data metrics here.

    INT (in-band network telemetry): ability to insert metadata headers with specific data of interest.
    ONT (out-of-band network telemetry): ability to export metadata with specific data of interest.


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