Reconfigurable Frame Processor Next Gen

RFPXThe Reconfigurable Frame Processor - Next Generation (RFP-NG) is a network intelligence and visibility solution for infrastructure and network operations teams. It provides network monitoring of complex traffic at 10G to 100G speeds and beyond. It consists of (P4) software applications running on a programmable software defined networking (SDN) platform. The RFP-NG provides organizations:

  • Software controlled connectivity, instrumentation, monitoring without the need to replace existing infrastructure
  • Capabilities for data-plane control, flow-aware load balancing, traffic shaping, filtering and match-action processing
  • Visibility into encapsulated or overly-layered packet streams
  • Telemetry via in-band (INT) and out-of-band (ONT) channels

The RFP-NG provides unparalleled high-speed connectivity and packet processing.

  • 32 ports of 100G (or 128 ports of 10G), 1U form-factor
  • Flexible, optical interface allowing users to access, filter and monitor network traffic at 10/25/40/50/100G speeds
  • Programmable line-speed filters to reduce total data volume being sent to analytic tools
  • Intelligent load balancing ensures 100% visibility into fully flooded 100G links


    Advanced Functions:

    Complex parsing, match-action, de-parsing of packets:

    • Identify packets that don't match existing header definitions and parse graph (e.g. packets that don't parse) and direct packets out to a follow-on system for reverse engineering and further characterization.
    • Unique header / network overlay stripping capabilities (multiple VLANs, 802.1aq, etc.).
    • Can hash and load balance based on innermost IP information in complex packet formats.
    Software-based, extensible, architecture; dynamic addition of protocols for full programmability of the pipeline.

    Generate time-series data metrics for all applied ACLs (via ONT):

    • Ability to set ACLs (filters) and generate octets and packet stats.
    • Cloud native instrumentation via Prometheus and Grafana.
    INT (in-band network telemetry): ability to insert metadata headers with specific data of interest.
    ONT (out-of-band network telemetry): ability to export metadata with specific data of interest.


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