Harness live network traffic to reduce cybersecurity and network operational risk

PublishReduce-risk-network-traffic-interactive-remediation-MantisNeted in conjunction with RTInsights.com, this special report discusses a new, pioneering, approach to leveraging live network traffic data to inform cybersecurity and network operations real-time decisioning.

After a review of market conditions and existing processes that aid in network traffic security, defense and management we dive into the call to action to move to real-time decisioning with interactive remediation. 

This special report discusses:

  • supplementing network visibility with engineering capabilities for real-time network management
  • the challenges involved with real-time decisioning and interactive remediation
  • the benefits to businesses that adopt interactive remediation capabilities
  • three-step process of interactive remediation
  • use cases and application areas
  • adopting real-time decisioning for interactive remediation



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