Need to understand your test lab traffic?

Time to feed the shark. 




Getting accurate visibility into network traffic and determining what traffic is relevant can be a daunting challenge. 

Wireshark is the de-facto, open-source monitoring tool for inspecting network traffic. MantisNet has a solution that helps network professionals get the most out of Wireshark (or any other analytic tool) by selectively capturing traffic of interest across multiple network segments. 

With MantisNet Test Lab solutions, engineers can set up monitoring environments where they can pull in network traffic located anywhere on their network, including cloud native environments, and analyze the data with Wireshark. By leveraging our RFP and CVF solutions, MantisNet helps engineers use resources more efficiently and get more done during testing. 

Do you use Wireshark? 

Download our whitepaper, "Feed the Shark" to learn more about MantisNet solutions for Test Lab environments, and learn the best way to "feed the shark" 


Download Feed The Shark Whitepaper