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Application Briefs

  • Test Automation | Are you really capturing traffic of interest through WireShark? Download our whitepaper, Feed The Shark, to learn more about MantisNet solutions for Test Lab environments. 
  • 100G Network Monitoring | Download our 100G Monitoring whitepaper to find out how to deal with the high speed "dilemma."


  • Network TAPS | The cornerstone of understanding what is going on within any network. Download our Network TAPS whitepaper, and check out the SPAN Ports vs. TAPS blog post
  • Reconfigurable Frame Processor (RFP) | The virtual distribution hub that helps network engineers better understand what is going on in the network. Download our RFP whitepaper, and check out the MantisNet RFP blog post
  • Next Generation Reconfigurable Frame Processor (RFP-NG) | The latest high-speed version of the RFP boasts a flexbile optical interace, allowing users to access, filter, and monitor network traffic running at 10/25/40/50/100G. Download our RFP-NG whitepaper
  • Programmable Packet Engine (PPE) | The real-time network processing platform that enables users to take a radically different approach to network monitoring. Download our PPE whitepaper

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