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Data Sheets

0-About-mantisCompany Overview Data Sheet  Learn more about Mantis Networks, our products and how they can help network and cybersecurity teams. Read more.
CVF-Resources-tileContainerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) | Designed to handle the challenges of gaining insight into virtual/cloud resources where topology, interfaces and data flows are hidden. The CVF can be deployed quickly (and at-scale) to do more than capture packets. Read more.  
CVF_Encryption-Resource-tileEncrypted Session Visibility | A capability of the MantisNet CVF is to provide visibility to encrypted traffic. The output is encrypted session- metadata, key metadata and plain text metadata. Read more.  
CVF-Datasheet-Topology-MantisNet-v2.pdfTopology Visibility | A capability of the MantisNet CVF is to dynamically map topology based on continuous discovery as the CVF agents identify resources communicating.
Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 9.09.02 AMCNFlow | Advanced Flow Statistics for Cloud Native Observability. More granular flow records and statistics for network event correlation and attribution
Protocol-metadata-generation-screenshotProtocol Metadata Generation | Identify, filter, capture and decode traffic for specific protocols or traffic types; generating metadata continuously, and in real-time.
packet-capture-screenshotCloud Native Traffic and Packet Capture | Capture network traffic anywhere agents are deployed, regardless of namespace. Full traffic capture is a CVF plug-in that is extremely useful for forensic purposes, or for troubleshooting complex network issues.
Feed-the-sharkTest Automation | Are you really capturing traffic of interest through WireShark? Download our datasheet, Feed The Shark, to learn more about MantisNet solutions for Test Lab environments. 
Network-Protocol-Datasheet-MantisNetNetwork and IT Protocols Inspection |
Explore the Layer 2-7 network protocols that can be identified and accessed for real-time network and cybersecurity operations. Read more.
2-100g100G Network Monitoring | Download our 100G Monitoring datasheet to find out how to deal with the high speed "dilemma."
3-solution-5g-network5G / IoT - Next Generation Networks | Learn how we can solve network congestion by providing real-time network intelligence and active remediation for 5G networks to enable IoT applications to best leverage high bandwidth and low latency of 5G networks.
Download the 5G / IoT Next Generation Networks solution brief.
5-Resoruces-page-imagesReconfigurable Frame Processor Next Generation (RFP-NG) | The latest high-speed version of the RFP boasts a flexible optical interface, allowing users to access, filter, and monitor network traffic running at 10/25/40/50/100G. Download the RFP-NG datasheet


LinkedIn Post Image Size- 1200x628 - 5G data viz ondemand webinar-AExplore Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) for 5G NSA and SA deployments.
Register and watch here
14-webinar2Flow-aware load balancing for monitoring 100G+ networks - 
Register and watch here
Webinar-Slider-banner-5gInstrument 5G and IoT networks: You can't control what you can't measure 
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White Papers


e2e-5G-visibility-2-thumbnailOvercome the challenges of 5G end-to-end visibility in 5G Environments.
Download the white paper here
Image-Vendor-agnostic-wpIntrospect and gain visibility into 5G environments from a completely vendor agnostic solution.
Download the white paper here
Image-5G-Cloud-native-security-whitepaperUnderstand security risks and solutions for 5G cloud-native environments.
Download the white paper here
5G IoTSolutions for the Next Generation of 5G and IoT Network Deployments - Register and download the white paper here
main unryo block picUnderstand how the MantisNet/Unryo integration enables teams to effectively monitor and visualize their 5G infrastructure, at scale- Download the white paper here.


ppe fraudAccount Takeover (ATO) Fraud and Credential Stuffing are some of the fastest growing threats. View our Demo to find out how to Identify and Take Action Against ATO Fraud.
ppe dnsIf your current network security systems are too slow to respond, and you are missing key indicators of compromise (IoC), then watch our Demo to find out How Streaming DNS Metadata can function as a building block for real-time network defense. 
11-ppe-otherProgrammable Packet Processing for 100G Network Visibility Watch the Overview here can function as a building block for real-time network defense. 


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