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100G Load Balancing: A Crash Course

Posted by MantisNet on Feb 14, 2018 11:58:30 AM

What is 100G Load Balancing?

As organizations continue to transition to high-speed network infrastructure, engineers responsible for network monitoring find themselves in need of an answer to the question, "How does one go about monitoring 100G network links?" The unique characteristics of high-speed networks make this a serious technical challenge. 

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100G Network Monitoring: The High-Speed Dilemma

Posted by MantisNet on Dec 14, 2017 9:36:34 AM

100G Networking Trends

2017 proved to be an explosive year for 100G, as well as for other "high-speed" networking technologies ("high-speed" being anything 25G+). According to Crehan Research, the data center Ethernet switching market saw its strongest growth in five years during 2017.

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Tags: network engineering

Network Monitoring Step 2: The Next-Generation of Packet Brokers

Posted by MantisNet on Nov 9, 2017 9:40:10 AM

The MantisNet Reconfigurable Frame Processor

A New Class of Highly Intelligent Virtual Switches and Next-Generation Packet Brokers (NPB)

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Tags: network engineering, network preformance, cyber security

Network Monitoring Step 1 SPAN ports vs. TAPs

Posted by MantisNet on Oct 4, 2017 7:17:07 PM

What Is The Difference Between SPAN Ports Vs. TAPS?

While deploying network monitoring tools, IT managers are often faced with questions, such as: "Can we do this and still ensure that we aren't impacting the production network?" or "Can I make sure that I can see 100% of network traffic?" or "What is the best way to get data into my monitoring and test tools?" 

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Tags: network engineering, test/lab automation, network preformance, cyber security, IT operations