Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF)

Cloud-native observability platform  


A cloud native network function (CNF) designed to handle the challenges of gaining insight into virtual/cloud resources where topology, interfaces and data flows are hidden. Observability is no longer just logs, metrics and traces, but streaming, real-time, network event metadata from the kernel level by employing eBPF. Leveraging a lightweight microservices architecture, the CVF can be deployed quickly (and at-scale) to do more than capture packets.

This composable visibility solution goes beyond capturing packets to generate rich metadata containing:

The CVF is comprised of agents and controller that feeds streaming network data to a message queue. The message queue is used for management of the agents as well as the egress point for all data coming out of the CVF agents. 

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How the Containerized Visibility Fabric worksCVF-MantisNet-Cloud-Animation

The CVF application is a lightweight piece of code that communicates safely with the bare-metal operating system, deployed as a container in cloud-native environments. The CVF application is managed either as a Daemonset or Replicaset within the Kubernetes / cloud environment to ensure scalability, consistency, and maintainability.

The power of CVF lies in the fact that it allows for deep observability and control: from individual machines (bare-metal OS) to across an entire cloud infrastructure; core-to-edge. Furthermore, the CVF architecture is flexible, extensible, and open: CVF compute engines can be updated on-the-fly, new functional capabilities can be added with plug-ins, and communications are provided via an open standards distributed messaging queue / publish-subscribe architecture.

The CVF is comprised of two main components, "agent(s)" and the "controller" that publish to a message queue:

Agents-MantisNetAgents are lightweight network sensors that can accomplish a variety of network visibility functions, these functions are referred to as "tasks". Agents also include native tapping capabilities for autodiscovery of all containers, infrastructure, and interfaces.


Controller-MantisNet-AThe controller is a container that manages multiple agents within an environment- providing configuration and provisioning control, as well as instructing the agents what their current "directive" is. A directive is a combination of one or more tasks that are to be performed by the agent.


On-demand Webinar: The CVF and 5G Networks 

See how the CVF provides visibility to key 5G protocols- eCPRI, XnAP, PCFP, NGAP - for 5G network visibility.

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Simplified Deployment and Pricing

MantisNet licensing is sized and scaled to meet the current and future demands of the enterprise:

  • Licensing is based on the specific cloud instance, and the type and number of total sensors required
  • Pricing scales with performance and processing demands.
  • Performance is based on the specific instance and availability of resources (network bandwidth, number of CPU cores/memory) allocated as well as the resource demands of the traffic of interest and the licensed protocol transcoders.
  • Provides predictable lifecycle upgrades by offering support for up to two major software releases*

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