The Cloud-native network function (CNF) revolution is here, will your point solutions survive?

Power your defense with streaming, real-time network observability down to kernel level events. 

An enterprise organization’s most valuable and informative source of truth – network data –has traditionally been physically and economically difficult to reliably access and use for real-time security needs.

NOW, with cloud native and container-based network function solutions developed for infrastructure observability down to the kernel level, with in-node processing, that stream network metadata in real-time, enterprises can adapt and evolve their cybersecurity capabilities to be more scalable, reliable, and efficient. No longer will attribution be a mystery when you can identify which ephemeral source is responsible for specific network events. 


Adapt your cybersecurity functions with the MantisNet Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) to enable deep infrastructure observability with new forms of network metadata that will enable real-time visibility and further reduce your time to identify, detect and respond to threats. Improve your cybersecurity with real-time access to:

Network protocol metadata – access, process and filter any/all protocols
    • With in-node processing, see as much, or as little, information as you need to support your analysis or ML/AI workflows.
Flow and flow statistics metadata
      • Get deeper visibility into communications. Monitor the infrastructure health of specific containers, processes, connections, machines, flows, applications and files within your infrastructure. Publish this unique data as PCAP to support legacy follow on applications.
Dynamic topology metadata – get a deeper understanding of the relationships between resources communicating across your infrastructure
      • The CVF dynamically identifies network resources as they are provisioned or decommissioned – which are establishing communications , using what resources - providing a dynamic inventory and topology mapping of network resources.
Encrypted session visibility – metadata, encrypted traffic and plaintext
    • Encrypted traffic is on the rise, including malicious behaviors. Get a head start by gaining real-time visibility to host-client encrypted sessions, cipher suites, and access to both encrypted traffic and clear-text for improved encryption monitoring and management.


Evolve your organization's cybersecurity functions.

Security Assurance
With real-time access to, and correlation with, kernel level events which can't be monitored by legacy tools, MantisNet gives you observability into places you haven't been able to see before, MantisNet can better monitor and assess your IT infrastructure's health, stability and trustworthiness as it relates to security policy.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) / Network Traffic Analysis (NTA)
Leverage real-time data, with more accurate visibility into network layers 2 – 7 (infrastructure through application) for both north-south and east-west traffic. This is a critical capability to gain true, continuous, visibility into network traffic behavior.

Network Security Monitoring
Overall network security monitoring requires a myriad of complex factors (network payload, network protocols, client-server communications, traffic patterns, and traffic flow) in order to alert administrators to known malicious activities in an attempt to contain a threat.

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)
Provide more detailed and correlated information to SIEM systems to corroborate or correlate with other information system data for analysis and reporting. Real-time, streaming metadata can enrich your SIEM index and integrate with orchestrated and automated response (SOAR) tools on your network OR provide a match action response back through the MantisNet CVF.

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