See and Identify Network Resources When Provisioned for Topology and Inventory Visibility

The Containerized Visibility FabricSM (CVF) agents deployed as containers in the cloud infrastructure can monitor network events as they occur down to the kernel level.
CVF agents can be tasked with identifying, filtering, capturing and decoding traffic for specific protocols or traffic types; generating metadata continuously, and in real-time.
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The CVF provides the ability to programmatically search for, extract, and deliver detailed metadata for any or specific protocols in real-time, providing an unmatched level of situational awareness, traffic visibility, and control. Using an in-memory, programmable decoder and metadata publishing engine the CVF is the foundation for enabling streaming analytic workflows and infrastructure management processes; providing the ability to programmatically search for, and extract detailed information about network traffic patterns, payloads, protocols and behaviors and deliver information in the form of highly efficient serialized metadata at wire-speed.


Identify, Access, Inspect and Organize

Once installed, CVF sensor agents have machine-level visibility into all the interfaces, regardless of namespace. The CVF monitors, filters, parses, or otherwise captures, decodes and publishes any of the selected protocol(s) it has been instructed to process. The resulting serialized metadata (key:value:pairs) are continuously streamed in real-time via an open message bus for follow-on stream processing, analytic workflows or storage.
The protocol metadata generation capability provides real-time monitoring in the network when and where it is needed with intelligence to decode and parse any protocol and interrogate any payload type.
The MantisNet CVF architecture is an innovative combination of network sensor agents, and cloud-native technologies that efficiently processes and produces all the information necessary for real-time monitoring needs:
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)
  • Continuous Discovery / Inventory
  • Security Assurance
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