Optimize DevOps Performance with SDN & NFV

Use Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to optimize performance while reducing costs and downtime in the service lifecycle.

Businesses must adapt to the demands of the digital world. In doing so, many enterprises find themselves having to more holistically develop and manage a broad range of applications, many interconnected and dependent on another, across all parts of the business.  Consequently, DevOps has emerged as a business-driven services delivery paradigm; for enabling scalability and capacity on demand while enhancing customer experience, and enabling faster time to market with new innovative solutions.

Testing, managing and predicting network and application performance is an ongoing challenge for business in all industries and is becoming increasingly critical. MantisNet has developed the most powerful, dynamic and comprehensive set of network virtualization and monitoring solutions on the market today! Leverage the real-time capabilities to check for network or application misconfiguration as part of any service release.

Go beyond just monitoring and start adaptively responding to operational issues; by combining the monitoring and analytics with ability to groom, trim, optimize and manipulate traffic to improve the availability, performance, and security of your (test and production) networks.

Why choose MantisNet Solutions for DevOps and testing needs:

  • Improve equipment utilization and testing efficiencies by automating topology changes as well as simplify sharing and remote deployment of test equipment.
  • Identify anomalous behaviors and failures, provide dynamic performance analysis and diagnosis through advanced flow monitoring for improved traffic engineering and security / services orchestration
  • Gain deeper understanding of traffic patterns, transactions and application communications to improve performance and customer experience
  • Use interactive monitoring and continuous decisioning to improve resiliency and reduce downtime by detecting and responding to faults and performance issues when they occur

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