The Next Generation of Fraud Monitoring and Remediation Technology Has Arrived 

Unleash the Power of Real-Time Fraud Intelligence with Event Streaming

Organizations constantly battle ever more sophisticated forms of digital fraud every minute of the day. MantisNet can help reduce fraud and operational risk by enabling real-time monitoring to validate the identity and authentication of transactions and enable actionable remediation to combat wide-scale fraud and deception. This strengthens transaction integrity and reduces the liabilities associated with fraud – financial, legal, reputational, and lost customer trust.  

MantisNet real-time visibility and intelligence reduces fraud and operational risk by:

  • Providing enhanced visibility and authentication of client endpoints to enable analytics to discern Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) from valid transactions in order to differentiate between legitimate and counterfeit, compromised or otherwise invalid clients and transactions.
  • Monitoring and securing transactions with deeper authentication and validation for customer service, ecommerce, payment processing, and point of sale applications.
  • Differentiating malicious ad traffic from legitimate impressions and clicks by providing new forms of high-resolution visibility into client endpoints and client/server interactions - saving money on payments to malicious affiliates and ad resellers

MantisNet does this by:

  • Delivering new forms of real-time network telemetry that is orthogonal and complementary to existing endpoint and log-based solutions.
  • Providing new and unique forms of real-time, streaming visibility and detailed insight into the L2-L7 protocol interactions and messaging (TLS, DNS/DHCP, HTTP, ARP, GTP…) between web client and server applications
  • Enabling new real-time (streaming) analytic workflows and models to combat fraud, improve authentication and provide enhanced customer intelligence.

Any organization that relies on secure and authenticated transactions (digital advertising, retail, ecommerce, banking, financial services, energy, infrastructure, education, government and healthcare) can realize the benefits of MantisNet real-time stream-based fraud intelligence.

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