Reducing the time to detect and respond to indicators of compromise (IoC) can drastically cut your cyber security liabilities.

This example focused on DNS traffic, but MantisNet solutions can identify any network traffic protocol that you can leverage for real-time network and cybersecurity defense:

  • network traffic analysis
  • identifying data infiltration / exfiltration
  • malicious domain traffic identification
  • fraud (identity and financial)

This real-time data-in-motion can also feed existing SIEM, EDR and other analytic devices to combine with your organization's data-at-rest information (e.g. logs). 

Earlier identification and containment, limits:

  • the number of records exposed (fineable per record by some industries)
  • reduces the ability for lateral movement or exfiltration of data in your network
  • gives you increased control in limiting overall cyber-attacks. 

Find out how to simplify DNS traffic monitoring within your networks, and use streaming metadata from that traffic to serve as a building block for real-time network defense.


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