About Us

MantisNet was founded by industry veterans, engineers, and technologists with deep experience in systems architecture, security, signals intelligence, and high-speed monitoring systems. 
MantisNet has developed highly scalable wire-speed, monitoring, and protocol analysis solutions for monitoring and managing network traffic in real-time. MantisNet solutions make network intelligence actionable for a broad range of devops, test, streaming analytics, and cyber security applications. 

MantisNet Team


Peter Dougherty



30 years of experience in cyber security, networking, compute, and storage: Vice President Coalfire Systems, Founder-CEO of OnPath Technologies, Vice President at McData/Brocade. Senior Engineering and product  management roles at Western Digital and Unisys.


Kevin Fecher

President &Co-Founder

25+ years of experience selling networking and communications into the commercial and public sector: CEO & Co-Founder Mimetrix, Vice President Federal Sales OnPath Technologies, CEO Open Air Technologies. 


Elliott Starin

CTO & Co-Founder     

25+ years of experience researching and developing advanced networking, signal processing and communications systems: CTO & Co-Founder Mimetrix, CTO & Founder TekTonos, Inc. Senior SIGINT and Systems Engineer for commercial and intelligence agency applications. 


Michael Reed

Vice President of Engineering

20+ years of academic and commercial experience in system design, networking and security: Scientist at the Verite Group, Inc., Technical Director at SPARTA / Parsons, Senior Software Engineer Extreme Networks. Principal investigator on The Onion Routing project. 

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