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MantisNet software solutions unleash the power of data-in-motion, giving organizations the ability to automate and control network infrastructure at wire-speed. MantisNet Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) solutions provide the information that is needed when it is needed. From basic connectivity to monitoring to wire-speed traffic engineering, telemetry, cyber security, and service orchestration, we work with existing test tools and analytics infrastructure to better understand and optimize network activity.


  • Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) A cloud native network function (CNF) designed to handle the challenges of gaining insight into virtual/cloud resources where topology, interfaces and data flows are hidden. Observability is no longer just logs, metrics and traces, but streaming, real-time, network event metadata from the kernel level. Leveraging a lightweight microservices architecture, the CVF can be deployed quickly (and at-scale) to do more than capture packets. 
    • The Reconfigurable Frame Processor, Next Generation (RFP-NG) is a highly intelligent P4 software-based programmable 100G switch with superior next-generation packet broker (NGNPB) capabilities. The RFP-NG provides complex traffic load balancing, filtering, and advanced INT management from 10G - 100G+ network speeds.

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