Programmable Packet Engine

The Foundation for Event Driven Network Analytics  

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The Programmable Packet Engine (PPE), is advanced software sensor technology that dynamically processes unstructured network traffic into structured streaming metadata, in real time. This supports the real-time visibility and continuous, event-driven decisioning capabilities that NetOps and SecOps teams need today.

Gain increased visibility in to network traffic with the PPE's in-memory processing to transcode a range of protocols (HTTP, TLS, DNS, GTP, etc.) along with processing engines (REGEX and Entropy) that illuminate specific traffic of interest. Programmatically search for, extract, and deliver detailed metadata in real-time, providing an unmatched level of situational awareness, traffic visibility, and control of network traffic. 

The PPE is a containerized P4 software application that can be deployed in a cloud/virtual environment or delivered as a physical appliance. 

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MantisNet PPE software is highly scalable, performant and optimized for today's networks. The PPE continuously monitors, interrogates, decodes, extracts and converts unstructured network data into high resolution metadata (open-standard, key value pairs) for improved situational awareness and real-time access to actionable intelligence. 


The MantisNet Difference

  • Intelligent - continuously transforms unstructured network data to structured metadata by extracting, key value-pairs, providing detailed real-time visibility into the network traffic
  • Dynamic - parse any protocol or any payload type (L2 - L7) and use regular expression (regex) to identify and isolate traffic of interest
  • Scalable - P4 software running in-memory is capable of processing network traffic at wire-speed, regardless of the network speed
  • Efficient - produces serialized metadata (filtered/un-filtered) in JSON or any other data formats for use by follow-on stream processing, analytics and network monitoring or management systems. Specifically processes the traffic of interest - significantly reducing the amount of data needed to be transported, analyzed, stored or processed
  • Interactive remediation - in addition to increased visibility, take action on the in-transit network traffic to process/filter, shunt or terminate in real time
  • Flexible -deploy anywhere visibility and analysis are needed using on-premise appliances or in  cloud/virtualized environments using Docker, Kubernetes or other container technologies


Simplified Deployment and Pricing

MantisNet licensing is sized and scaled to meet the current and future demands of the enterprise:

  • Licensing is based on the specific cloud instance, and the type and number of total sensors required
  • Pricing scales with performance and processing demands.
  • Performance is based on the specific instance and availability of resources (network bandwidth, number of CPU cores/memory) allocated as well as the resource demands of the traffic of interest and the licensed protocol transcoders.
  • Provides predictable lifecycle upgrades by offering support for up to two major software releases*

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MantisNet delivers unparalleled capabilities to monitor, manage and secure network traffic.

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