MantisNet network intelligence software simplifies and improves network detection and response (NDR). Providing a better way to identify, access, extract, inspect and engineer specific network traffic of interest, at wire-speed.

MantisNet software solutions serve the spectrum of networking needs - from generating NetFlow/IPFIX to inspecting and processing unique protocols with high-resolution streaming metadata - we enable real-time observability and control of network traffic continuously,  at wire-speed (up to 200G/400G speeds).

MantisNet sensors enable customers to identify, access, inspect and extract network protocol metadata for streaming network detection and response. The sensors find network traffic of interest and transcode it into streaming metadata (or NetFlow for legacy applications) that is structured as key-value pairs for efficient ingestion to network management, SIEM, MDR or other event management platforms to seamlessly feed analysis, AI/ML models, reporting and orchestrated response. The streaming network telemetry is produced in JSON, Kafka, Splunk App (Kafka, TCP, HEC) or other serialized messaging.

Given MantisNet's unique capability to access and extract network protocol telemetry continuously, in real-time, and at wire speeds, there are many use cases to consider:

  • Stream network protocol metadata - improve network visibility/observability with our Containerized Visibility Fabric (CVF) and extract high efficiency protocol metadata at wire-speed to feed your SOC/NOC platform for visibility and security needs like SIEM, NDR/NTA, or MDR or other event management platform services with non-signature-based intelligence to support real-time orchestration and automation response playbooks and threat hunting; cutting down on log analysis
  • Simplify and reduce the costs of monitoring - leverage the streaming protocol metadata as an enrichment source to supplement and correlate with other data sources that might be obtained from legacy technologies that are reaching their end of life. You can then compare the utility (and cost) against incumbent tools and potentially come to a conclusion that you could remove some tools providing redundant information.
  • Provide continuous discovery and asset inventory - combine our Reconfigurable Frame Processor (RFP) with PPE sensor technology to perform continuous discovery, inventory and monitoring of components communicating on your (or your client's) networks at that point of inspection, by IP address. We've talked with a number of clients who find it compelling to "plug in anywhere" on the network and provide visibility in real-time. This helps address the challenge of understanding what is communicating on your network, and when.
  • Network Stream ProcessorSM App for Splunk - this App available on Splunkbase focuses on DNS and provides reports and dashboards powered by streaming DNS metadata from our network sensors via Kafka. Clients can consume additional protocols within the same App and benchmark their DNS traffic and leverage our dashboards for anomaly detection and investigation for threat hunting.
  • Encrypted traffic detection and monitoring – The MantisNet CVF can run an in-memory Shannon entropy engine that can identify encrypted payloads, on-the-fly, as well as calculate that the volume of encrypted traffic received at a destination matches the source volume- e.g. determine if something is interfering with the flow of encrypted data in-transit (data loss, redirection). This is valuable for ensuring and monitoring encrypted traffic volumes. In cases where DoT / DoH is of concern, employing partner decryption technologies in parallel with our PPE will get to underlying metadata. 

MantisNet provides network infrastructure, monitoring and remediation solutions that deliver continuous, actionable intelligence, dynamic control and scalable connectivity.  We enable organizations to better monitor, analyze, manage, grow and protect their networks - leading to more secure, reliable, and agile infrastructure for a range of applications:

  • Cyber Security | Protect corporate assets and make continuous monitoring and real-time remediation a reality.
  • Network Monitoring | Harness live network data with a solution that provides actionable network insights  from L2 - L7 analysis, up to 100G speeds and beyond, and enables real-time decisions.
  • 5G Network Visibility | With the introduction of 5G connectivity and IoT devices comes an exponential increase in the number of access points. The edge of these networks must be optimized to provide visibility and intelligence with these additional access points.