Quickly Deploy with Docker or Kubernetes

MantisNet vPPE sensors (also called transcoders) are highly scalable, performant and optimized for cloud and virtualized environments. vPPE sensors are extremely efficient and simple to deploy; they consist of containerized transcoder applications that can be rapidly deployed, and provisioned (via Docker and Kubernetes orchestration) anywhere that DevOps and SecOps teams need real-time visibility to make mission-critical decisions.

The vPPE sensors continuously monitor, interrogate, decode, extract and convert unstructured network data into high resolution metadata (open-standard key value pairs) for real-time access to actionable insights. The vPPE delivers unsurpassed processing and visibility producing standardized metadata outputs that can be easily ingested / accessed by publish-subscribe (pub-sub) architectures to feed existing tools and new forms of analytic workflows.

The vPPE sets the standard for cloud visibility and monitoring

vPPE sensors provide real-time monitoring and visibility anywhere it is needed, when it is needed; with the intelligence and flexibility to decode, interrogate, and parse any protocol or any payload type (L2 – L7) anywhere in the cloud.