Virtual Programmable Packet Engine 

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The Virtual Programmable Packet Engine (vPPE) enables network and security operations stakeholders to take a radically different approach to network monitoring with the ability to programmatically search for, extract and deliver detailed metadata in real-time. The vPPE provides an unmatched level of situational awareness, traffic visibility, and control of traffic in cloud-based and virtual networks enabling organizations to:

  • Gain deeper, more accurate and reliable insights into physical and virtual network traffic in layers 2 - 7
  • Quickly identify traffic of interest and facilitate continuous decisioning
  • Supplement and enrich other data sources in private, public or hybrid cloud deployments 

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Quickly Deploy with Docker or Kubernetes

MantisNet vPPE sensors (also called transcoders) are highly scalable, performant and optimized for cloud and virtualized environments. vPPE sensors are extremely efficient and simple to deploy; they consist of containerized transcoder applications that can be rapidly deployed, and provisioned (via Docker and Kubernetes orchestration) anywhere that DevOps and SecOps teams need real-time visibility to make mission-critical decisions.

The vPPE sensors continuously monitor, interrogate, decode, extract and convert unstructured network data into high resolution metadata (open-standard key value pairs) for real-time access to actionable insights. The vPPE delivers unsurpassed processing and visibility producing standardized metadata outputs that can be easily ingested / accessed by publish-subscribe (pub-sub) architectures to feed existing tools and new forms of analytic workflows.

The vPPE sets the standard for cloud visibility and monitoring.

vPPE sensors provide real-time monitoring and visibility anywhere it is needed, when it is needed; with the intelligence and flexibility to decode, interrogate, and parse any protocol or any payload type (L2 – L7) anywhere in the cloud.

MantisNet vPPE sensors: 

  • contain programmable in-memory processing technology that monitors, filters and generates high resolution, lossless metadata in real-time
  • are available as pre-defined protocol specific transcoders that can process any protocol, payload or application data type (@L2-L7)
  • supports regular expression (RegEx) and entropy transcoders to enable more general-purpose processing of traffic of interest and the ability to identify encrypted payloads
  • produce standardized metadata output that is easily consumed or published into existing tools or streaming analytics workflows, using well-known, standards-based serializations
  • leverage containerization and orchestration tools (Docker, Kubernetes etc.) for rapid and flexible deployments
  • are inter-operable, simple to use, easily deployed, and manageable via existing analytic toolsets via a rich set of RESTful APIs’


Simplified Deployment and Pricing

MantisNet licensing is sized and scaled to meet the current and future demands of the enterprise:

  • Licensing is based on the specific cloud instance, and the type and number of total sensors required
  • Pricing scales with performance and processing demands.
  • Performance is based on the specific instance and availability of resources (network bandwidth, number of CPU cores/memory) allocated as well as the resource demands of the traffic of interest and the licensed protocol transcoders.
  • Provides predictable lifecycle upgrades by offering support for up to two major software releases*

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MantisNet delivers unparalleled capabilities to monitor, manage and secure network traffic.

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