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Cloud Native Full Packet Capture to Meet the DoD SCCA

Posted by Marshall England on Apr 19, 2021 2:17:29 PM

How a cloud native packet capture platform can meet the DoD SCCA Requirement

Traditionally full packet capture systems exist to obtain the network communications between various hardware devices – servers, switches, routers – in a physical network environment. With the advent of Kubernetes and cloud native environments that type of traditional approach is no longer effective (or relevant) to provide information into ephemeral resources. Information from microservices and containers such as pod-to-pod, namespaces, and intra-pod communications, etc. are critical for continuous observability and forensic inspection for performance, security, and reliability engineering applications. The evolution of infrastructure and network communications has evolved into virtualized and cloud native architectures such that new technologies are needed to operate and monitor those systems.

Recently, we were approached to partner with a global cloud service provider (CSP) to meet the Department of Defense Secure Cloud Computing Architecture Functional Requirements PDF (DoD SCCA) for Full Packet Capture (FPC) by providing a cloud native FPC solution for their new environments.

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Containerized 5G Infrastructure Visibility

Posted by Marshall England on Mar 26, 2021 10:57:01 AM

How to Get Visibility into 5G SA Ephemeral and Cloud-native Network Resources 

Cloud native and containerized architectures are becoming the de facto design standard for 5G networks and applications. In the telecommunications industry, the players are focused on building out 5G Stand Alone (SA) deployments to deliver the promise of faster connection speeds to enable IoT, medical, autonomous use cases - not to mention improved communications, support the streaming of real-time content and the promise of a myriad of new applications and services. As we work with Tier 1 operators, MVNOs and analytics providers we are encountering a staggering issue: they can no longer adequately monitor, correlate, and measure critical network and application communications events at the container level and across the infrastructure.

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How to Make Encrypted Session Traffic Useful for Network Observability

Posted by Marshall England on Aug 26, 2020 3:22:04 PM

Solving the opacity problem - Bringing clarity to traffic obscured by encryption.

There are many reasons that the use of encryption will continue to increase as it provides a method of privacy and security of communications and lowers the risk of information loss. However, encrypted session traffic does pose a challenge in achieving visibility and observability of network events for day-to-day operational management, risk detection and response, and lawful intercept scenarios.

How can teams better leverage the information contained in encrypted network traffic sessions for real-time network visibility?

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Tags: Real-Time Monitoring, Data-In-Motion, mantis, cybersecurity, containers

Network Stream Processor App for Splunk

Posted by Marshall England on Mar 9, 2020 5:11:54 PM

Announcing the MantisNet Network Stream ProcessorSM App for Splunk

We’re excited and proud to announce that the MantisNet Network Stream ProcessorSM (NSP) App for Splunk is now available.

The App enables ingestion of streaming network metadata using key-value pairs: a powerful, new form of serialized metadata produced by MantisNet sensors. Customers can now access, integrate and manage these new forms of lossless, ultra-efficient, ultra-accurate and high-resolution metadata, to support continuous real-time network detection and response in Splunk.

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